The Power of Professional Certification!

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A special welcome to Josh McAfee of the McAfee Institute and the premier of his article on The power of professional certification! Don’t miss this issue! If you have not already done so, subscribe today!
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McAfee Institute: Develops the Industry’s Most Elite Cyber Crime Fighters

Insight Success Magazine

A recent report from CISCO indicates that there would be over one million cyber security job openings by 2018, and the demand is expected to rise to 6 million by 2019. The intelligence sector continues to grow at the rate of 5% each year; and 20,000 new jobs are expected by 2018. To serve the need of providing elite crime fighters to fight for the Cybersecurity and Intelligence Sector issues, McAfee Insitute has led the industry when it comes to developing the most sought after cyber investigators and intelligence professionals through its professional board certification programs.
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How A Data-Sleuth Helps Battle Human Trafficking

Inc 500 Magazine

Entrepreneurs are often described in heroic terms. But few wear the white hat as well as Josh McAfee. A former law enforcement officer and loss-prevention executive, McAfee is CEO of McAfee Institute, a Peoria, Illinois-based business that trains corporations and law enforcement agencies to battle cybercrime and fraud. He's also tackling something far more ominous. Entrepreneur Josh McAfee told his story to Inc. staff writer Issie Lapowsky.
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